Earth Day L.A.

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“Campaign Spokespersons Isabel Lucas, Esai Morales, and Hannah Fraser join Darryl Hannah and make a big “Splash!” at Earth Day LA”


April 22, 2008 ( Los Angeles , CA ) The Save the Whales Again! Campaign made a big splash at this year’s Earth Day LA event as many of their spokespersons including Isabel Lucas, Esai Morales Hannah Fraser along with Campaign Founder

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Jeff Pantukhoff and Campaign Advisor and aerial artist John Quigley joined actress and activist Darryl Hannah to bring the message of the plight of dolphins and whales and our oceans to the thousands that attended.



‘We are focusing our attention to the plight of dolphins and whales because not only are they a very charismatic

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species, but dolphins and whales are a barometer to the overall health of our oceans and like canaries in a coal mine, they are telling us that something is seriously wrong.” Said Campaign Founder Jeff Pantukhoff . “Today dolphins and whales face more threats than ever from global warming to toxic pollution to increasing whaling and this not only threatens them, but threatens the health and well being of our oceans, all marine life, and ultimately ourselves.”

Australian actress and Campaign spokesperson Isabel Lucas who is starring in the upcoming HBO series “Pacific” produced by Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg, spoke about Global Warming and its dramatic effects on our oceans and its amazing

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“What most people do not realize is that the tiny animals that form the basis of the ocean’s food chain are little shrimp-like animals called krill. They reproduce in huge numbers under the great ice sheets during the polar winters.” said Lucas. “Over the years as these ice sheets continue to melt and break apart as a direct effect of global warming, the populations of krill has crashed by over 80% which means that the basis of the ocean’s food chain has crashed.”

Another direct effect of Global Warming is the rise in seawater temperatures worldwide. This is already causing shifts in the ocean’s currents like the gulf stream which wreak havoc with our weather patterns. If the temperature continues to rise, many scientists have predicted that the gulf stream will shut down which would usher in the next ice age.

Model Hannah Fraser, who along with her soul surfer husband Dave Rastovich, were side by side with Isabel and Hayden Panettiere in the Taiji dolphin protest, spoke of how we are poisoning our seas and thus poisoning ourselves.


“Due to all the chemicals and toxins we produce and ultimately dump into our landfills, rivers, and streams, which ultimately flow into our oceans, we are poisoning the ocean food chain

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from the bottom up and now dolphins and whales are the most contaminated animals on the entire planet.” said Fraser. “Last year, Isabel and I and our colleagues went to Japan and paddled out into the bloody red waters of the killing bay in Taiji where thousands of dolphins and small whales are slaughtered every year and their contaminated meat is then sold in supermarkets. This barbaric practice has to stop. Our dumping of toxic chemicals into our oceans has to stop. The ocean is the lifeblood of this planet. It is our most invaluable resource and we just can’t live without it!”


Earth Day LA organizer and Campaign Advisor John Quigley wrapped up.

“Its up to all of us. We all have to take personal action, whether its protesting a dolphin slaughter or turning off a light switch.” said Quigley. “We need to activate our circle of influence be it your family, friends, or community. Get them activated to make changes in their lifestyles. Finally we all have to pressure our politicians and get involved to elect government officials who care about the things you care about.”

Remember, every day is Earth Day!… and its time to Save the Whales Again!





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