Come and Swim with the Most Interactive Dolphins in the World with Whaleman Founder

Jeff Pantukhoff who will Celebrating his 25th Season there!!

All proceeds go to our “Save the Whales Again!” Campaign

Jeff & Dolphin

Here’s your chance to join Whaleman Founder,  Jeff Pantukhoff, for the adventure of a lifetime swimming with the wild dolphins of the Bahamas. This trip offers our guests the remarkable opportunity to snorkel, swim and play with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and the world famous Atlantic spotted dolphins, the most  interactive and friendly population of wild dolphins in any ocean on the planet.

For 2019 we are offering two trips: June 1 – 8, 2019 and June 8 – 15, 2019 so sign up now before we sell out!


It is here, in the shallow waters that edge the Gulfstream, that for over thirty years snorkelers have been interacting with an extended pod of friendly dolphins and Jeff has been leading trips here for over 20 years! Over the years and generations, this pod has shown an unparalleled curiosity and joy in engaging with people, freely approaching swimmers to happily cavort and frolic for as they choose, whether for minutes or for hours. There are no concrete tanks, no feeding, no behavioral conditioning or manipulation of any sort, just wild dolphins in their natural environment interacting of their own free will, exactly the way it is meant to be!!

Swim w dolphins

Our vessel on the Little Bahama Bank is the 100-foot MV Carib Dancer, now known as the Bahamas Aggressor. She’s newly updated in 2018 and offers the same comfort, excellent food, and outstanding service we’ve come to expect from the Aggressor Fleet. Only 10 guests get to participate in this special adventure. The M/V Carib Dancer carries just 8 passengers in 4 Deluxe Staterooms plus 2 more passengers in the Master Stateroom which is designed to hold 4 passengers but we limit its occupancy to just 2 passengers making it the most spacious cabin on the boat!

For 2019 we are offering two trips: June 1 – 8, 2019 and June 8 – 15, 2019 so sign up now before we sell out!

caribe dancer

Here’s the Schedule & Costs – Maximum 10 guests/trip – with all proceeds going to our Save the Whales Again Campaign! Prices include fuel surcharge.


 2019 Schedule

June 1 – June 8 (7 nights) -  Deluxe Stateroom: $3,250/person, Master Stateroom: $3,450/person – 5 Spaces Available

June 8 – June 15 (7 nights) -  Deluxe Stateroom: $3,250/person, Master Stateroom: $3,450/person – 8 Spaces Available


Make your reservations now before we sell out!