Taiji Dolphin Hunt Update



Taiji, Japan – September 1 – 12, 2014

Today marks the 12th consecutive dolphin hunting day in Taiji but once again it was a good day for the dolphins as thus far this season no dolphins have been captured or killed!

Please check back for regular updates!


12 responses on “Taiji Dolphin Hunt Update

  1. beachmama says:

    Wild and free no more . . . 18 dolphins captured for OUR entertainment. Anyone who buys a ticket to SeaWorld or any other marine parkis participating in this atrocity . . . this is not entertainment, it’s insanity . . .

  2. bernadette brookes says:

    Thanks so much for the updates and your obvious support in Taiji.. It is so good to see all the support and media hype about it now. Hopefully with Blackfish out there for all to see the whole idea of captivity will change the perception of what happens in places like Taiji.
    Great to see the Japanese activists speaking out.Only with them can we put a stop to this barbaric process

  3. pippa says:

    18 dolphins to marine parks! How about the polar bear exhibit in Sea World, Queensland, Australia, yep, polar bears in boxes in the tropics and let’s not forget about Tilikum dying the death of a thousand cuts in Orlando! I look forward to the day when marine parks go the way of yesterdays freak shows and dancing bears.

  4. dasani says:

    Well I never thought it was this with sea life.I’m only 11yrs old and it’s kind of hard hear that not cry because it is really sad. I wish hayden the best and I and I faith the that she will accomplish this terrific task. I wish I could help, I would give anything to help. Maybe when I get older I can help. WISH YOU GUYS THE BEST and God bless you.

  5. mystru says:

    dolphins should be free.

  6. mystru says:

    tahi dolphin killers make me want to cry,

  7. Juli Sofke says:

    It is so incredibly sad to see something cruel. I myself love dolphins and I support something in no case! Pays no money for dolphin shows or other if they are locked!

  8. Hi hayden your my hero and I love dolphins and whales to and I love in the mid west and I want to help u to stop the taiji dolphin slaughter and I want your advice it brakes my heart on what these people do to these BEAUIFUL illengent animals

  9. Rena says:

    i saw terrible pictures on CNN about the Taiji dolfin slaughter. I would like to write the Japanese govt. as well as our ambassador to Japan. How can I help put a stop to this horrific practice?
    Sincerely yours, Rena George

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  11. ZoƩ says:

    Hayden,you’re my hero,and maybe where I live is too far(Switzerland),but I’m gonna find a way to help the whales and dolphins,cause they are beautiful and so innocent.I hope the Taiji cove will become one day a place where you say : “dolphins has been killed here !? Impossible.”thank you all for being brave and helping earth to be a better place.

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