Swim with Humpback Whales!

Swim with Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank with Whaleman Founder Jeff Pantukhoff

who will Celebrating Whaleman’s 28th Anniversary there!!


Join Whaleman Founder and humpback whale researcher,  Jeff Pantukhoff, and his longtime friend and supporter, Captain Gene Flipse, head of Conscious Breath Adventures, for the adventure of a lifetime swimming with humpback whales of the Silver Bank. This trip offers our guests the remarkable opportunity to snorkel, swim, and observe North Atlantic humpback whales and their newborn calves in their Caribbean breeding and mating grounds known as the Silver Bank, located approximately half way between the Dominican Republic and the Turcs and Caicos islands.

Callf breachThe Silver Bank is part of the “Sanctuary for the Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic”. This Sanctuary is one of the few places on Earth where swimming with humpback whales is officially sanctioned, permitted and regulated.

With thousands of humpback whales gathering here every winter to mate and calve, you will see a dazzling display of behaviors from the deck of our custom whale boats and be eye to eye with them as you slip quietly into the sea to interact with these graceful giants in their ocean home all on their terms and in their natural environment, just as it should be.

Our vessel on the Silver Bank is the 115′ MV Sea Hunter. The Sea Hunter offers 10 guest cabins with private baths, providing live-aboard comfort for up to 20 passengers.

For 2023, we are offering 5 seven-day trips and each trip is limited to 20 guests making this a truly unique and personal experience.



  • $4,595/person/berth in a Standard Stateroom
  • $4,695/person/berth in a Deluxe Stateroom
  • $4,895/person/berth in a Master Stateroom

Sanctuary Access & Port Fees are $600/person and there is a fuel surcharge of $50/person with proceeds going to our Save the Whales Again Campaign!

Here is our 2023 Availability:

  • January 21 – January 28, 2023 SOLD OUT
  • January 28  – February 4, 2023 Spaces are available
  • February 4 – February 11, 2023 SOLD OUT
  • February 11 – February 18, 2023 SOLD OUT
  • February 18 – February 25, 2023 Spaces are available

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